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We accept most

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Please call 914-246-0148 to have

us verify your acupuncture benefits. 

Your first in-office visit lasts between 75 - 90 minutes.
Follow ups are approximately 60 minutes. 
Facial Acupuncture visits are 90 minutes and require committing to a series of 10 treatments for best results.
Treatments are tailored to the individual and may include:
Trigger Point Needling or
Dry Needling
Electrical Stimulation
Gua Sha
Tui Na Massage
Consultation on Nutrition, Herbs, Supplements, and Meditation
Services are provided in our office within Dr. Lawrence Ruck's Sports Chiropractic Practice in Tarrytown at 200 S Broadway.
At this time we are not currently able to offer house calls.

200 S Broadway

South Building, Suite #2-3

Tarrytown, NY 10591