Meet Christina


Christina has had a life-long passion for promoting health and wellness. She believes in living your life to the fullest - free from stress, pain, and emotional turmoil. She wants all of her patients to have the ability to successfully add on to their growing families if that is their desire: to conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy to term. Supporting these and all of your health goals is her aim and she has found that acupuncture is an important tool for countless patients. Combined with bodywork and Traditional Chinese Medicine's dietary and herbal principles, your health goals are well within reach.

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Facial Rejuvenation.
Nutritional Counseling.


These are just some of the services offered, though acupuncture is always the main draw. We believe in a holistic approach to health, which means individualized care. We can customize your acupuncture treatments with massage or cupping. We might recommend supplementation with herbs or minerals, changes to the diet, a regimen of yoga or foam rolling, or help with implementing and sticking with a meditation practice. All of this will work in conjunction to nourish and support your body and mind.


Christina is an amazingly talented acupuncturist. She instantly put me at ease, explained everything, answered all of my questions, and helped me to understand Chinese medicine a little better. The issue I had initially wanted resolved is in the process of healing, and I know that Christina's gentle touch is a part of my healing process.  


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