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Qi Gong for Lung Health!

Lit up neon sign reading "breathe" in a wall of foliage.
The coordinated breath and movement of Qi Gong is a powerful tool to help strengthen the Lungs!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Lungs are responsible not just for respiratory health, but also maintaining energy levels and keeping our immune systems strong.

I've been recommending this Qi Gong sequence of breathe and gentle movement to help strengthen the Lungs for many of my patients that have experienced lingering respiratory symptoms after recovering from COVID-19. It is excellent after any acute or chronic respiratory illness, including long term COPD or asthma. Moving into cold and flu season, this short practice is a helpful tool to optimize respiratory and immune system health.

Many thanks to Qigong with Kseny, who makes lovely Qi Gong videos so that none of you are ever subjected to my terrible acting and video production skills. :) Check out her YouTube channel for many many other general or focused Qi Gong practices.

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