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New Office Location!

stacked moving boxes
Moving is exciting... and exhausting!

We've moved!!! So 2020 has been a bumpy ride. It seems as if so many changes that I had been putting off for "eventually" or "soon" or "maybe, no, definitely next year" demanded my full attention and immediate decision making this year. One of those decisions was to find a better home for my practice. While I loved the energy of sharing a space with Yoga Shivaya, the treatment space was majorly inaccessible as a walk-up with no dedicated parking. So when they announced they would be closing the studio permanently this year, I was sad but also excited for the impetus to find a new office location.

After months of searching, I've found it! Christina Wallace Acupuncture can now be found in the Medical Arts Buildings at 200 South Broadway, just a short walk from our original location in downtown Tarrytown. Or don't even bother walking, because we now have our own parking lot! We are sharing the offices of Dr. Lawrence Ruck, a chiropractor who specializes in Sports Medicine. The office is handicap accessible, clean, quiet, and cozy. Please call if you have any questions or go ahead and schedule online to come in and see the new digs for yourself.

I can't wait to welcome you into the new space!


Christina Wallace L.Ac.



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