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Christina Wallace Acupuncture is Now Offering Online Gift Cards!

Birthday parties go great with a gift card for acupuncture!

Know someone who is really hard to shop for?

Maybe because they seem to already have everything?

Possibly they keep telling you that they "don't like things"?

And you think they might benefit from or just plain love acupuncture?

You see where this is going...

Buy them a giftcard for acupuncture! Nobody has ever said "no thank you" to a gift of relaxation and self care. This can be a fantastic gift for loved ones because it shows that you care for their wellbeing. And they are delivered through email instantaneously, so you can still come through with an awesome gift even at the last minute - hello fellow procrastinators!

Click here to personalize and send an acupuncture gift card for any amount you choose, and redeemable at any location they choose, even home visits!



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