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Happy Earth Day!

Child's hands holding dirt and seedling.
Plant something!

Good day, fellow Earth dwelling humans! And Happy Earth Day!

What a strange and troublesome couple of months it has been. My heart has been hurting thinking about how COVID-19 has affected all of our lives, mostly in negative ways, and often in terrifying ways... though sometimes in positive ways. One of the bright sides of most people around the world staying at home has been cleaner air and water in usually polluted areas which is a welcome, if temporary, change.

To celebrate Earth Day, I have always liked planting something. This probably all started in elementary school when our teachers would send us home with little baby trees or seed packets to plant at home... but I digress. It is possibly too early still to start planting outdoors. But that's ok. Since we are spending most of our time indoors these days, why not plant something in a pot or container inside? I planted a little windowsill herb garden earlier today with basil, thyme, mint, dill, and rosemary.

I've included a pretty lovely infographic below from on houseplants that NASA has studied for their ability to clean the air from harmful toxins and pollutants. Any of these would be a great pick to plant in your home to help brighten your mood and help clean your air while you stay quarantined at home.


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