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Temporary Office Closure

Dear friends and family,

I have decided to temporarily close my practice for the next 2 - 4 weeks as a precautionary measure to prevent further community spread of COVID-19. This situation has been changing rapidly and I initially thought that staying open as long as possible was the right thing to do in order to support you, my dear patients. But now following recommendations by state, federal, and worldwide health authorities that call for drastic social distancing and closing of all non-essential businesses, I have changed my stance on the matter. As a healthcare professional part of my job is to first do no harm, and the thought of unknowingly carrying and spreading this disease to any one of you, particularly my more vulnerable patients, is not a risk I am willing to take. So effective today I will be cancelling all appointments in my Union Square and Tarrytown offices as well as all house calls in the area until further notice. I am hoping to re-assess at the beginning of April and see about potentially reopening with more precautions put into place.

For now, please know that I am still here for you in other ways. I will be putting extra efforts into updating my blog and Facebook page with useful information to keep you healthy. I will also be providing free phone consultations and would be happy to give you advice on supplements, herbs, or other dietary recommendations for immune support. If you would like to learn how to do some acupressure for yourself at home then I can tailor a treatment plan for you of a few points to be done daily to help with your sleep, or your migraines, or your anxiety, or just general immune support for now. I will walk you through step by step where and how to do these points on yourself so that you can still receive some treatment during this closure. If you need help sourcing or ordering supplies especially Chinese herbal formulas, I’m your man. Lastly, if you just need to talk to someone while you are grappling with your own losses and worries, please know that I am here to talk with and listen to you always.

Please be safe and be well. I very much look forward to seeing each of your faces soon.

Wishing you all warmth, love, support, and good health,




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