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5 Ways Having Your Acupuncturist Come to You Will Change Your Life for the Better

1) You can stay in your pajamas for your appointment.

Seriously, comfy clothes like yoga pants and pajamas are great for most acupuncture treatments, allowing your acupuncturist to adjust the articles of clothing to access most necessary points for treatments.

2) You will save so much time.

Often it feels like getting anywhere in Westchester takes nearly an hour. Instead of spending all that time in your car, you can have 2 hours back in your day to do something productive!

3) You don't have to worry about parking.

Or having change in the towns that still have the old-school parking meters.

4) You'll be able to relax more.

You're already comfortable in your home or your office - it is your space. We've all had an appointment at an office that just didn't feel good. Maybe the hairdresser down the hall is too loud or the receptionist is rude or they've painted the walls an absolutely hideous color (why, oh why, would anyone paint their waiting room walls lime green?). You don't have to worry about not liking the vibe of the office because you'll already feel (rightfully so) that you are at home.

5) You'll get to feel extra spoiled.

Honestly, you'll feel like a million bucks after an in-home or in-office acupuncture treatment. Nothing is better than having the healing come to you. After your treatment you can just sit back and relax. You'll have something to look forward to all week. Plus you'll make your friends and coworkers super jealous.


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